Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel39.03
2Vincent Valkenaers38.74
3Wouter Liedenbaum32.72
4Patrick Depoorter31.81
5Arian de Visser31.44
6Lloyd Fierloos31.1
7JeanPierre de Waard31
8Robin Blondeel30.25
9Arthur Hendrikse30.24
10Koen van der Avoort29.83
11Remko Doolaar27.78
12Rein Fierloos24.35

Short session before volleybal. First time with this sail and board so I had to do a lot of trimming.. In the end I was quiet happy about the setting and I had my top speed and immediately had to stop to go coach my team. 

Run 2, 4 and 5 are done with Slalom 82 as wel as my alfa. 

Still had some pain in my right ankle because of the crash 2 weeks ago in ouddorp so I'm a bit carefull with the speeds. 

A bit more wind then expected but it was fun with 7,8 and the 68

Goede 2de sessie van 2018 pr op gem. snelheid, 250m en 500m run. 

Het was gezellig druk vandaag. Van mij mogen er nog wel een paar van deze komen. Arne we zien de foto's graag tegemoet.

first test of the new jp slalom 71 wauw what an amazing board feels even faster than the one before lots of control really happy about my speeds today with `7.8 /jp-australia/Zfins/harleklijn/pacificboardshop 

When I arrived it did not look that windy. When I hit the water the 7.8 was way too big. Went back to the car to swith the 38 fin for the 37. That made it a bit better. Much respect for Hans and Vincent how they were flying today!! Vincent was trying to foil his board today. Saw half his fin coming out of the water :) 

Zonnemaire 10°C 20-30 knp 

First time 2018 NoveNove 109 

7.0m was very soon to big for me. Switched quickly to 6.3m. I was surprised that the board was so easy to sail. Jump on it and immediatly it took of like a bullet, yet very comfi and good direct feeling. 

I'm very happy with it and sure that this wil bring lots of joy.

My eyes are so bad now that it's hard to read the numbers of the GW-60 on the water, ashore I could see a 65, but the max was +67km/h, so realy happy with that for a first sail!

Puik weer, dat wel, de rest hmmm... arm en knie werken niet mee, had het moeilijk vandaag. Te weinig rakjes kunnen varen voor een betere timing...Hoop wel dat die arm over gaat, knie is zoals het is en wordt noot meer beter, snik.....