Results of the day
1Koen Onderbeke36.1
2Patrick Depoorter35.91
3Marie-Paule Geldhof34.72

La Franqui 17° sunny all day long.

Wind didn't play ball today, forecast for today was very good... some days ago... Koen&MP-ke were on the beach rigging when I arrived this morning. Happy to be able to be here again with my friends.

Wind was not strong enough for my speedboard(s) so I took the old Fanatic Falcon icw a 28 cm Hurricane fin. 

It turned out to be a fantastic day, man we had fun, chasing each other and taking the stronger gusts for a speed run.

Koen and I were on the same set: 90l board and 5.6 Loftsails Speed Blade.

This beautifull day brought me some small PB's with the FF91 

Max speed 70,48 km/h

2s  69,31 km/h<> 69,91 km/h

10s 66,4km/h<>68,25 km/h

Avg 65,28 km/h<>66,51 km/h

Happy with these speeds, but most of all hapy with the perfect windsurfing day @Le Rouet!