Results of the day
1Shaun Cook36.83
2Simon Chippington 29.2

Today was a bit of a gamble going to Southend with a forecast of the wind swinging to WNW by 8am and also the wind to drop at the same time. Set alarm for 430 and had a text at 420 from cookie already on route. got to the beach at 6am after the drive doen, rigged in the dark taking a guess with the 5.2 ,walked out to the Ray in the dark waiting for the sun to come up!  once there was a little light off we went ! difficult tho as couldnt read the gusts and water state much after another half hour the wind started to ease and swing round a bit.

worth the early rise = Hell yes

Do it again = Hell yes

as the wind wasnt that strong working on upwind sailing and early planning

If you dont go youll never know!! i now know we shouldnt have gone, never the less still ok, but never had a full powered run and far too broad.