Results of the day
1Tim Otte33.08
2Eric Groot-van Ederen32.99
3Socrates Costicoglou29.14
4David van Ederen17.66

Few runs before I leave Karpathos... 

widn dropped throughout the day, anyway nice sailing wiht 6.2 and small slalom board. Tried some Alpha in Poseidon bay with top speed 35 knots, but missed the wind power most of the times at the exit of the jibes. Have to do better ....


Turned out to be a lightwind day. Started with the CA 50, great balance in the set. Changed to the F2 soon, tried alpha and filmed Tim a bit until it was time for the family to go surfing. I had to caddy some and filmed Davids who surfed the F2 in the Devils Bay, my big little speedsurfer :) 

Ging erg goed op de F2

Few runs before I leave Karpathos...