Results of the day
1Eric Groot-van Ederen32.15
2Tim Otte31.12
3Socrates Costicoglou28.84
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Super easy conditions for my sail and board. I tried some alphas and the distance challenge with a record 118km.

Good day for an hour and distance although quite gusty. The sail was as good as before, thank you again Christian ;). First tried the sx 58 but this was too small, too little time on the plane. Then took the Cross-X117. Took some getting used to again, this board only accelerates when you're upright,  doesn't go upwind easy and at 60 km/h its out of speed. But it planes quick, gybes easily and is very controllable. 

Did the one hour attempt firts. I was late on the water, took one longer brake and broke the 37 cm Select fin and had to bodydrag back for 15 minutes. Good to have Tim and Socrates on the water as well for some matchracing, that helped a lot. Happy to still make 180 km and be first in the ranking although Bjorn Dogtrop did a longer distance then me but had bad luck with his GT-31.  

long day at Karpathos. Wind was less than the two days before and we could go for the long distance categroies of the Odyssey of Speed. Eric, Socrates and my self where sailing together almost all the time and it was fun pushing each other. Nobody wanted to stop first ...

Was a bit underpowered most fo the time with my gear and also made some mistakes while going for the 1 Hour in Gun bay. I sailed three of four times too far out in the lulls behind the Poseidon cape. I know I can do better ..

Eric was really unstoppable today, sailing all day wiht his 7.0 (what else ?!) and scored great numbers in all three categories for @500, 1 Hour and 24hr distance. I think it will bring him somewhat forward in the overall ranking....