Results of the day
1Eric Groot-van Ederen36.47
2Tim Otte35.97

The wind is on here on Karpathos! Went out with the Ka Koncept 5.8 and F2 SX 58 because the wind direction was too broad for good speeds. Did the fastest speed on the Finish fin and then decided to try something smaller and re-rig the Koncept for more stability.

With more downhoal and an space on the crossbatten and the Vector EX vin I tried a few runs and found out the sail was more stable but the fin was to soft and wizzed at speeds above 60 km/h. Then just went out for some big floaty jumps and tried to do alpha's wich didn't end in a succes. 

Back at the station for an even smaller fin and re-rig once more I found out the sail had ripped in the luff strip next to the camber on the crossbatten, so no more sailing for me on the Koncept ;(  My thoughts on this Ka Koncept is that you would have to be from an other continent to get use it with succes as a speed sail. It is defenitely not for heavier guys in strong winds. I'll be missing my 6.3 loft racing blade even more now (should have listened to John in that respect) and will just have to hang on to the 7.0 or resort to a 4.7 wavesail the coming windy days. 

just a few runs wind was gusty and too broad. Had one lucky run, when I hit the gust right at the beginning. Rest of the day board and sail was too small.....