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1Dan Meehan30.99
2Dan Willemse29.18

Freezing cold today! But nice sail anyway. Only the hardy were out today,! Typical gusty shifty souwester.

Sail with a waist harness today, not sure if it made me faster or slower? Felt I had a little more control in the gusts and didnt have to unhook through the lulls.

CA SL103, Maui TRXI 7.0m, Vector Volt 38cm


Chch estuary. Nice session Blasting around With Dan M. Only one run where i run the right angle and rewarded with a 30kt 10sec run. Good to know i can do it on the big board. Dan ran this angle more than i did. Confusing wth two Dan's out there. CA SL 103, R7 7.0, Mykz 37