Results of the day
1Michel Meijer41.3
2Anne Evert van der Veen38.68
3Robert Baas32.37
4Kirsten Baas20.44

Ton much north in the wind causing some nice rolling chop. In the morning I surfed with another former World Record Holder, Thierry Bielak. How cool is that! In the afternoon the wind increased and I did some slingshotting but didn't feel really confident.

Warning: At the moment the only part were you can do a decent 10 second run is the area at the right of the waterpump. Further towards La Franqui there are multiple sandbanks which are to shallow to sail over or pass at the right side. I was not able to do a decent 500 or mile. So be aware and check the course before you go like a mad man down the shore line.

Stopped when the kiters entered the arena. They are apparently not aware that there are more people on the water.

Misschien niet het snelste zeil, een NP Hellcat maar wel een nieuw PR gevaren. In de ochtend was het nog te  vlagerig boven de 40 knopen, en niet mogelijk om te varen met deze zet.Na iets van 15 uur was de wind ietsje minder en kon ik een paar lange rums langs het strand maken. Wel wat kiters in de weg, maar ging goed.

too much for me today, a 3,7 would have been plenty, but we had fun on the water.