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1Michael George28.73
Wow, what a windy week it has been here. Sadly it was also a busy week at work so I missed out on the 30 knot winds between Monday and Wednesday!

On the upside, I scored 45 minutes sailing whilst on the way to my parents this weekend. Due to the the gusty nature of NW winds at Brogborough, I took out my 89L slalom board (59cm) rather than the sinkier 69L one (53cm). I had one standout run during the session as it contained my best outright speeds on the 89L board - peak speed, 10s, 250m and 500m. It was also the best 500m and nautical mile that I've managed to do at Brog.

I definitely feel like I am getting better and capable of sailing faster than I have done before. I just need to get to the lake when it is windy!

Tech Details: Navi GT-11 v1.62 (B1115), GPSAR Pro v4.0, Doppler.