Results of the day
1Ralf Ewers34.23
2Nils Bach32.66
3Thorsten Händel30.98
4Thorsten Händel30.98
5Colin Stutzke30.46
6Onno Kramer30.36
7Frank Hochbohm28.25

Congrats to Nils for is topspeed, also Colin for his average. FeineFinne Bastard 30 is working very well. Can´t add them...

nice day, water is really warm so I tried the small board (54) with 7,0, thanks Ralf for letting me try your gear!, fastest run on Falcon 89l, what a nice board :)

was still not possible to beat my 34kts average today, because I think the gusts just were not there today, but at least I got a nice PB for Vmax @ Steinhude. Colin was also going well on his new 7m :)

nette Slalomsession mit Ralf & Nils

Ab Mittags wäre der 71er & 7.8 besser gewesen

Ein toller Tag mit Nils und Ralf. Bin hervorragend mit dem neuen 7m2 Aero zu recht gekommen, da geht noch mehr!