Results of the day
1Mark Newman31.34
2Paul Arnold29.06
3Tyler Baker28.56
4John Kennedy26.46
5Mike Barnett25.6
6Chris Pankhurst 25.05

should have put on a 7 ,,,, lovelly day though ,,, flat in by the ramps  and corner  but  not the best wind  at that spot  on the 6,3 ,,                          7 would have done it 

 i found an awfull lot of people shouting  and making silly noises  while riding  ( flat out ),,, do you go faster ?

 im so quiet ,,,,   thats what it was 

 shame i had to get home ,, had the wife ! ,,, tea was  on the cook     


lovely day for a sail tried different combos but ended up on 89 falcon & 7.1 ga phantom , plenty of power but not much speed 

What a shame, it promised so much but the mist kept killing the wind, I rigged for the rising forecast that didn't come through until mid afternoon by which time I was back home, still it was warm and nice to be out with freinds again so despit the lack of speed and patchy wind I had a great time.

amazing change of conditions at Portland from mist and light winds in the morning to clear blue sky and 23kts SW by 3pm. My North E Type 6.2 was downhauled to max and held on but should have rigged a 5.8!