Results of the day
1Farrel O Shea37.87
2Adam Gustafsson37.34
3Paul Simmons35.78
4Mark Hayford35.2
5Pete Davis34.77
6Paul Burgess34.62
Last sail at the lake till June, closes tommorrow and they drain it on monday. Westerly, 15k to 20k with the odd 25k gust. Pretty square as well. Only got about an hour and a half on the water as the tide came in a bit early. Used a 5.8 and W44 at first, but struggled to get it going in the light winds so switched to the W53. I should have been on a 6.8m as the 5.8m was a bit under powered, but didnt have time to re-rig so stayed with the 5.8m. Short session, but was real fun. I'v stopped looking for high numbers and I'm going to start looking to just get comfortable/relaxed. Today was relaxed and it felt so much better. This is going to be the way forward for me. Good to catch up with a couple of Cornwell guys (and one Bristol guy).

Great day  

Last chance before the closure, good day in the sun, not massively windy but good angle. Plenty of friendly faces as usual in the Mecca of UK speed and many looking very controlled down the run at speeds approaching 40kts.

Interesting feedback from the session was that for most of the time I was using a super-flex top mast (using 400 top on 430 base) which Bob Cunningham has found to work well in really powered conditions. But in Saturday's lighter wind I think my sail was just dumping any power the gusts were providing. Felt much better when I changed to a "normal" mast but the wind was dropping so I didn't go any faster. Also tried the W44 for a bit but not enough wind to unlock its potential.

Thanks to Adam for sharing the ride up, good performance by him peaking over 40, he's probably slow at uploading this time as he's working and surfing today.

Kirby  Light wind  USM!!!
A big thanks to Paul for driving up and helping me get my rigs sorted - Had the X15 5.8 rigged perfect
Cheers Howard for the Call and looking forward to seeing the photo's... Lots of sailors out enjoying the conditions and it was very pleasant in the sun.

We had a long journey, and found a Travel lodge near Manchester at 2am.. Up at 6 and down at the lake by 7am. There was a decent breeze already and it looked as though a top day might be on. Get the X15 5.2 and 5.8 rigged in anticipation of some good sailing.
In the end the wind really didn't deliver in terms of strength but the sailing and atmosphere was great as usual.

Windspeed was prob 17/18 knots on the water with gusts in the low 20's. Angle was pretty good, a little tight, but flat all the way down. Realistically if there was double the wind it would have been great.

Good speeds were very hard to find in the super light conditions so it was a day for trying out new stances and chop hunting wherever possible... Best runs were bearing off through the chop at the end which was a lot more fun than the flat water near the wall.... Used two GPS's today and had a 40 peak on the Garmin but a lower average LOL.

We left at lunch as the wind was gradually dying as the tide was coming over the wall and i got home at around 8pm! Bit of sunburn too. Was nice in Cornwall today and managed to sneak out for a quick surf... The water here is about as cold as kirby.

Last day before West Kirby closes for a few months so a great call by Howie even if it wasnt that windy. Only got a few runs in before the wind died (note to self get up earlier) but great to be back on a speed board after sooooooooo long.