1Vincent Valkenaers80,63
2Robin Blondeel74,76
3Jean-marc Degrelle73,17
4Klaus Küppenbender70,61
5Wolfgang Lewang69,45
6Nico Nouwen69
7Koen Onderbeke67,49
8Heike Kracke56,52
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First day at LF, difficult to make some speeds, just like the road leading towards the spot.. 

Happy to be here again :)

not right time,not right place :p

what a surprise to see 50+knots gusts despite forecast !

not early enough on the water : (. The wind was gone when I started, so I only got a few lowwind runs with my new 5.2 EVO 9. A fantastic Sail !!! Hope to get a new chance this weekend

JUst got 1 gust in the Beginning

After 12 only low wind ,hard to get up with 53 liters and 115kg

first session started not early enough i think was hard work to get some good speeds i dont know why but nice to be here again :p

Sailed with EVO VI 5.0 and 5.4. Two best runs with 5.4 , rest with 5.0. Unfortunately, arrived when the wind had turned too much North.

Erster Surftag 2017 - Freue mich die Saison entlich begonnen zu haben!