Results of the day
1Dan Willemse30.46
2Dan Meehan30.18
3Mike Sinclair28.25

Estuary, NE 15-25kts and choppy, Mykz SL57 mk3, Maui TR9 5.5, Mykz Iwi SL2 34 fin. Nice session, choppy and gusty, great fun until the organism protested, Oh, to be young and fit again.

Good sail on the Estuary wind was cranking, spent most my sail going round the cans, to lumpy to get good speeds.

CA SL87, Maui TR9 6.3m, Volt 32cm

Sail on the harbour and estuary..tryed new falcon to get a comparison. Still like the old one. FF 79, 7.0 6.2 5.6, C3 34/30/28.. got the W44 for a change