Results of the day
1Fabian Blanke39.39
2Gunnar Asmussen39.16
3Twan Verseput 38.41
4Marco Bos36.25
5Mikkel Asmussen35.73
6Tim Schell34.69
7Koen Onderbeke33.9
8Matthias Chemnitz30.1

after yesterdays swimming session finally soms decent wind for 7,0/6,2. In de afternoon some big rolling chop came in that only happens twice a year according to mr baldini. Really good for doing flikflaks in a downwind run. ??

In the beginning it was good with 7.0 but should have gone for 6.2 later at the day.. Lots of waves but still good fun sailing in this beautifull place!!

Laatste dag op Franqui van onze tweedaagse trip. Door de swell vanuit zee stonden er aardige rollers lang de kant. Dit maakte een goede speedrun wel een beetje tricky. 

Nice Slalom Session!