Results of the day
1Kai Kaufmann36.26
2Robert Hofmann35.74
3Günter Jansen31.94
4Paul Lewin18.62

Grüße. Günter

Difficult Matas day with Freestylers and Kiters all over the place! I arrived and the strong wind was gone after a few runs...thanks Kai Kaufmann that borrowed me the equipment! Sail was a 6.2 rrd sail (I posted Loft 6.3 to keep it simple!), and an old Pozo board from BD from 2008. But feels good to windsurf a bit, because I'm here as PWA speaker!!

Nice session with Roberto. Slalom speed session between Kiter, Freestyler and waves...

Very unstable wind....maybe 7,0 would have been faster...

Huge respect to Gunter and the other two guys out on the 6.3 speed rigs. I could barely hang on to the 3.7 and too many freestylers and kites to be able to have a go at some decent runs so I gave up.