Results of the day
1John Skye36.29
2Bjorn Dunkerbeck36.22
3Nick Vardalachos34.84
4Minos Efstathiadis34.74
5Ralf Ewers34.67
6Anders Bjorkqvist34.31
7Wessel Douma32.22
8Marcus Damsell30.05
9Paul Lewin24

Finally managed to catch some wind at Matas once they'd all gone home. Very late session until sundown and was joined on the water by Liam Dunkerbeck on a lovely looking 3.7 four cam Severne sail and another of the junior competitors for a photo shoot. Hope I didn't photo bomb them but I'm sure they can photoshop me out. Got to change where I wear my GPS as pretty sure it's not recording the right speed. Still good fun and two venues in one day.

Well done Paul, I should have waited like you to get some time in the water, but they considered the day finished about 18:00 and everybody left. 

See you tomorrow, last day of this edition of World Championship and also last day for the Canarian Championship.

Best result yet, winning the round at the World Championships and beating Bjorn for the first time in the history of the event. Very very very happy!

Because of mast issues I used Twan's sail. Thanks a lot!!! I discovered my fin broke out of the box, so time for a new one ;).

I did this run during a canceled heat at the Dunkerbeck GPS speed challenge. The wind blew for a while, but not enough for a round of competition. Good fun sailing with Juan Herrera and Klaus.

The new windsurfing school has a heavy impact on the wind flow

worlds 2016