Results of the day
1Dan Meehan29.6
2Dan Willemse28.03
3Mike Sinclair27.64

Nice estuary session with Dan M and Dan W and Mr Fish, not a lot of wind, so very flat water. Didn't want to stop but the water went away.

Mykz SL68, Maui TR8 7.0, Iwi SL2 40cm and 37cm later

I had a really good sail on the estuary! ots of people on water, Mike Mark and Dan all going fast. Was fun racing round the marks and trying to find the fast bits of water.

Falcon 110, TR9 7.0m, Vector Volt 36 

Nice arvo sail on the estuary. Got to get a 7.0 by next season. FF90/79, R4 6.2. C3 34