Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel45.05
2Christophe Peyrouse41.8
3Thorsten Luig41.53
4Alex van der Meer41.36
5Laurent Fesquet39.31
6Björn Haacke38.28
7Björn Haacke38.28
8Andreas Grosse-Holz37.82
9Wolfgang Lewang37.81

Arrived with Manfred Fuchs and was surprised to met our friends Björn Haacke and Thorsten Luig, also the dutch guys Hans Kreisel and Alex Van der Meer. Today very strange conditions and most of the time too square. So I was first time on the water today and hope to get the chance to go faster tomorrow : )

Back home again!!!!!!!

The wind was a bit low today but wanted to try my new 5,2 had one nice gust which resulted in a 49,72 knots vmax. Hope i can use this size soon in some strong winds. The sail is super stable!!! Hope i didn't leave to early but the wind looked like it was dying out.

Big thanks to my sponsors WINDSURFCANDY.COM, NEILPRYDE, JP-AUSTRALIA,Z-FINS, Maui Jim, Jonker Funsports Renesse, Vitaalwerk. NP wetsuits

Second/last day in LF, this was great! Lots of familiar faces and good atmosphere.

My 5.8 worked great again as usual and very happy with my new PB at the mile. It felt like a moderate run, so I see room for improvement next time. :)

The course was choppy again, but the tuning of my 5.8 it so much better then 5.4 so I was confident. Also a bit less windy.

day 3/4

Flat water and nice warm.

Thank's Hans for Z-fins testing !