Results of the day
1Ian Richards44.06
2Antony Todd43.35
3Will Trossell41.16
4Michael George40
5Shaun Cook38.84
6Klaus Küppenbender37.7
7Shemi Adams25.38

tricky ol day on the Ray, too broad on the west course and tight on the East course, wind was around 30 to 35 knots. still a good turnout on a warm January day.  small PB 500m for British waters and my 3rd 44av in Jan so pretty happy.

First speed session of 2016. Pretty mild for January so good to be out enjoying ourselves instead of working!

Just about scraped a 40 average. lol

Nice to meet Klaus who made the trip from Germany. Thanks for the free Mars Bars. :)

Tricky conditions today, too broad on one course and too tight on the other, just learning and tweaking the kit(although not too sure what im doing!!)

Another Southend session with solid wind but this time the wind was just slightly west of SW so we were caught with tight run on the east course or going for something broad but short on the corner. Back on the JP45 for the first time in a couple of years - felt good but some tuning to be done. Good to be out sailing with everyone and impressive speeds/500 by Ian. 

Had a nice Trip to UK,a lot fast speedies there

First time on this spot,did a wrong choice of sailsize 6.3 instead 5.6

way to big

Second run ended with Big crash, my knee was twisted

sit down on Sandbank to rest for 15 min,then tried again to go on speed against the pain did not work,every run getting slower and sailing with open Door,after i had 5 runs in i quit

Thanks for the help guys,next time i will be in better shape and do better speeds on your nice spot.Can not walk after all,go to Hospital tomorrow morning