Results of the day
1Matthew Spooner33.26
2Scotty Stallman32.62
3Paul Arnold30.33
4Chris Pankhurst 28.61
5Chris Pankhurst 28.61

Quite choppy direction today 

 traveled down in monsoon weather  

 had the whole sports field to me self  no pushin and shuvin  and no cotton  reels  for bout hour    the speed strip was opposite way round due to  a tad of westerly trying to get  a lookin  but wind was very square  and some times  rombus  to the west   ( i dont no what that is in isometric  )

pretty  gravel track in places  but the flat spots popped up in different places  on each run  but im very glad of the trip 

sorry had to do it again its all the peeling iv had to do  parsnips  carrots spuds sprouts  you name it , fk, forgot the  speed ladder   i must be near the top now ?