Results of the day
1Adam Gustafsson36.43
2Johnny Walker32.93
3Nic Dodd32.36
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Good to see Simon, Johnny and Adam for the first time in a while. Not a classic day but nice to be out on speed kit.  

Felt like I was stuck to the water today. Suspect my sail was too big, but I've been quite a bit faster on this kit combo at St Johns. Well done to Nic for his 2 secs of glory - just need to work on the other 48 now!

The Forecast was good for St Johns so  we got there early. The wind angle was very good on the short course but it was damn hard working getting upwind to the start point. I had a few runs there then broke my boom. After changing to the wave  boom I had another couple of runs on this course but the angle  was getting too broad  so  I joined Jonny on the longer course. Up here the angle was pretty square but at the North end was a nice patch of steady wind and  some relatively flat  water to bear off into. My first couple of  runs here were nice, nearly  peaking 40 in relatively light wind. After an hour or so the wind really began to drop and the tide was pushing so  we called it a day. A nice warm, easy and fun session but super muddy as usual