Morning all. I uploaded some 2018 sessions here while waiting for our 2018 league to be activated.

Now that it has, I am trying to post these sessions but find there is no option to do so?

I can see the sessions, but not post to an event. I don't have the original tracklogs anymore, since I have had to clear my watch for new sessions. Is there a way of downloading the uploaded tracks and re-uploading for posting to an event?

Hi Jaco,

Could you forward the links to your sessions for the event at and we will take a look....


Thanks, I have mailed the links.

No response yet to my emails?

Hi Jaco,

We did not receive any emails yet, are you sure you used the right email address ??

Yes of course I did. The same issue as last year when my mails disappeared your side and I mailed Manfred directly in the end. Have you checked your spam folder?

Hi Jaco, nothing there at all, could you try as well.... 

I have sent it to jbr@ as well. Your mail server seems to reject most of my mail except that to Manfred at her personal address.

Check, after some additional communication with facebook messenger we have finally made contact... let's see if we can try to fix it :)