Good day to all!
Tell me who used the operating system Macbook to reset the results to the website GPSspeedsurfing.
 How to do this ??

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Aleksandr Polivanov.


In this video you can see the desription how to do this, make sure the GW-60 is set to USM mode (Mac OSX will detect it as a regular USB device)


All settings here ->



 USM mode Thanks for the response!

If you can tell me what it means USM mode??

How to enter it?

Thank you!

Download GpsResults, plug in watch and set to ums and will show on watch screen as connected to mac usb, wait a while till loaded, the chose a track in top first box, may have to wait to load on mac, then save as gpx file onto computor and remember where you put it, downloads ect, then go to GPSspeedsurfing site and click sessions and look at bottom, upload tracks, and load for link on GPS site from mac, hope it helps you and anyone else, happy new year all.