Is anyone here using their iphone with some suitable app to track their speeds? I realise this is not suitable to upload data for ranking purposes, but might be a simple way of getting some basic data. Any recommendation for iphone apps?

Do you want to be able to upload to GPS?

I use an app called windrace on my android based phone but pretty sure it doesn't work on iPhones which suits me fine as I hate them. With this app you can directly upload your session to GPS but, as you say, doesn't register on the ranking but as I'm not much faster than a snail on valium that's not really a problem. I lost my GT 31 over a year ago and couldn't afford to replace it (the wife said) so dug an old phone out which I now use. Works great.

I also use two other apps simply for recording my days sailing namely Strava and Sportractive. Both will record speed, distance, track etc. You can get an android phone for a darn sight less than a GW 60 or whatever it is and you don't even need a sim card for it, just the ability to connect to the net via wifi to download the apps and a gps detector which they all seem to have. You can also use them without a sim to make an emergency call should the proverbial ever hit the fan.

Hope this is of some help.

PS. I have an iPhone 5 in the draw that I take out occasionally and spit at. It's the little things in life that keep you happy. ;-)))

Great comment Paul, love some techno-hate remarks now and then :)