Yesterday 25/06/17 some huge 24 hours distances were posted, congrats to all sailors involved !

Is there actually a distance ranking on the site ? Is this the "speed - 24 hour" ranking (this does not seem to contain meaningful numbers however) ? 

Not sure if it is much work, but since distance as a discipline is attracting more interest since a few years, it would be a plus to have a distance ranking table as well, even though the sites main focus is on speed.

(we can of course always refer to the GPS team challenge site for distances - if posted - but it would be a nice plus to have it integrated in the GPS speedsurfing site as well).

Hi Pat, the current 24hours ranking is not what we need for sure :) We will discuss this within the team to find a solution for this, 

Thanks for the response. It would also be to have an extra column in the day ranking for Distance, if you could please look in to this ?

(... also be nice to have...)

Jip, distance added in the ranking lists would be nice!

Thnx, great feedback, will take a look at this and see if we can integrate this in one of future builds !

A 24hr ranking would be great. Just did 205km in 5 hours and liked it a lot. 

Would be great!

Distance would be nice :)

There is some currently confusion about the 2 numbers that are displayed in the session details : "Distance"  and "24 hour".
Currently, in some sessions there is a combination of numbers that makes no sense (Distance greater than 24 hour).

Can you explain what each number exactly indicates, and how it is being deduced from the uploaded data ?
I.e. is there any manual setting required in the uploading program (GPsar, GPresults etc.) to have a 24h distance registered on the site after upload ? Or does the site calculate it based on the trackpoints, and if so, according to what computation rule ?