the track upload service will be unavailable today

available again.

Is the Doarama play out of function?

It does not work for me.


yes, we have overloaded theire server and they are fixing it. Prommissed to be fixed in September.

Am i seeing double?? A few sessions from today (including mine) are being duplicated :) 

This happens also with several Wiro Nillesen sessions posted 31/08... ?

ok, thnx for reporting, will take a look at this asap

We fixed some problems with the uploader, think this is fixed now.... 

Sorry but doesn't look fixed. I can't upload my session.

Hi Vessela, please mail us at info (a) , we have double checked the uploader and all seems to be fine, so please forward to our email (error-message, GPS track, OS Version etc etc )