When I tried to edit this session (to correct a typing mistake), the wrong sail name was displayed in the editing window : Gun Sails Speed Slalom 4.1.
The session was sailed with a Challenger sail. This sail was sold a few months ago so I deleted it from my Dashboard-My Items-My Sails a while ago.

The listbox "Sail name" seems to get its contents from the actual current Dashboard-Items, which seems logical. Since the session value Challenger sail cannot be matched, the listbox value defaults to some other value. I could now not edit the text in the session Remarks, since this would save a wrong sail name. Dilemma.

I worked around it by temporarily re-adding the missing Challenger sail by selecting it from the site's sails database (it's still there), so that the editing list box matched the session database value with the current item value and allowed me to save the session with the correct sail name, and deleting the Challenger sail after editing.

There are screens where all items ever owned by a user are shown (e.g. filter list boxes in My Stored Sessions), so why not in the editing screen, to be consistent ? The fundamental solution depends a lot on the conceptual/database design. Hereby inviting the team to verify the internal usage of current and past items in various site screens.