In Evaluated ranking alpha Leon Dirks February results are still counted double:

27/01/2016 49.09 Grevelingenmeer - Ouddorp Haven, Netherlands
08/02/2016 47.62 Grevelingenmeer - Ouddorp Haven, Netherlands
08/02/2016 47.62 Grevelingenmeer - Ouddorp Haven, Netherlands

30/03/2016 40.16 Oostvoornse Meer, Netherlands
16/04/2016 43.88 Oostvoornse Meer, Netherlands
14/05/2016 37.62 Grevelingenmeer - Dijk trein baan , Netherlands
02/06/2016 39.06 Grevelingenmeer - Ouddorp Haven, Netherlands


Hello crew ?

This item is still on the worklist, and really low.... in fact we are reconsidering these kind of rankings. We have noticed that they are hardly used,  and to maintain / support them it's take more time than other more heavily used parts of the website.

It would be sad to see them go. It's the only ranking where non-top riders but that do get out on the water regularly can see some gratifying year and general results for themselves. 

We (=Dylan + me) did indeed spend quite some time and effort last year to verify and iron out some inconsistencies in several evaluated rankings, and until now they were OK. It's probably due to some sequence of session manipulations that Leon Dirks (like last year) is listed double again. Maybe due to a simple reposting. 

I suggest - if technically possible - simply cleaning up the table or database that has the duplicate row/record, and than leave it at that.