Sadly over time the static "View track on map" feature, introduced in late 2013 if I recall well, has become a disappointment. About only 1 in 10 sessions have a viewable track, although supposedly many more than 10% of the riders :
1. are using the most compatible GPS device (GT-31) that allows uploading tracks correctly (contradictorily, several riders using non-GT-31 devices do have viewable tracks)
2. must now be using a recent enough version of the GPSresults software for uploading, to enable track display (at the introduction of the track display feature in 2013, older versions of the software were not capable of uploading the data)

The dynamic track view was an exciting gizmo at first when introduced last year, but I must admit that I have not looked at any sessions' dynamic track in 2016 yet, so the novelty has rapidly worn off.

The generic reason why tracks are not displayed is mentioned on the screen itself: "Google is having problems showing the track". There may be many technical reasons behind this as to exactly why "Google is having problems", including many that are not within the site's programmers to influence, so no more specifics are given, understandably.

But are there any works/tests/developments in progress to reach better compatibility with Google track display functionality ? Is it the crew's ambition to improve on this feature and make more tracks visible ? Being able to study someone else's track is a great help to improve your own trajectories, speeds and performance. It also gives insight into the safe trajectories on shallow spots, and how to enter the spot etc. It may well be that some riders prefer to keep this a secret, to protect their own "kitchen formula" for how and on exactly which spot location to get the greatest speed, or to fend off too many visitors to their spot. If this is the reason why developments around the track display feature are being a bit orphaned lately, I know of many riders (the great majority perhaps) that do like to share with others. So it might be a good idea to somehow give a rider the choice to explicitly enable or disable displaying the session track, during upload, or one some properties screen within My Sessions / Edit Session / Post Session.

Hello Pat, not really recognize the numbers (10%) you mention. Please make sure that your local configuration is fully up to date and you use the latest versions of OS and Browser. We have noticed with other call's related to track display sometimes that your local configuration can influence the performance of loading the track bigtime resulting in time-out errors and non-viewable tracks. Dynamic Track View is not used very frequently, so at this stage we don't spend any development hours on this to extend this.