Today we have released our new "Advanced Search" engine. It will be fully integrated in our Premium Membership in a few weeks, but for the next weeks every member can test this for free. It's still in BETA, so please forward any comments and/or remarks to

You can search our complete database on any item so want, so pretty cool we think !

Please take a testdrive at



Nice feature. What's the search string syntax ?
How do the "or" and "and" operators work ? Is punctuation ignored or significant ? Can you search literal strings by surrounding with quotes ("...") ?

E.g. I want to find all (and only) the sessions where a "Gun Sails Mega XS 7.5 2010" by rider "Pat Erauw" was used. How should I specify the search string so that it gives only those sessions ?


Hello crew.

Please explain the search feature more in detail ? 

I am selling some sails Challenger Sails Aero +, and the search feature would be very handy to count the number of sessions.

I have tried the following (seemingly obvious) search variations :
- "pat erauw" and "challenger sails aero +"
- pat erauw and challenger sails aero +
- erauw challenger
- Pat Erauw Challenger Sails Aero +
- Pat Erauw Challenger and Sails Aero +
- "Pat Erauw" and "Challenger Sails Aero +"

and they all yield 250 sessions as a result, including sessions with other sails and sometimes even sessions from other riders.

How do I have to specify the search terms so that only the sessions containing my name and "Challenger Sails Aero +" are found ?

Seems the results are not displayed correct, some more work to do..... keep you posted !

We have done some fixes to the search, please try it again and provide us with feedback

Test: pat erauw challenger sails aero

   Still returns me almost all my sessions instead of only the sessions with Challenger sails. 

Test: gun 7.5 2010 Depoorter

   return lots of sessions by Depoorter but also by other riders...

Etc. Come on guys...