Can we exspect any improvement for 2016 in the slow opening of pages on the site and the many "overloaded" errors when browsing through the site ? About 1 click in 5 results in an error, even on days when hardly any sessions have been posted.

Also, the track display now seems to be non-functional in the sessions of 80-90% of riders where previously tracks showed OK. Now the world map appears instead of the yellow track lines, and the dynamic Interactive Map view has been showing "The operation timed out" for several days already.

Hi Pat, we didn't receive complaints about slow opening of pages, maybe it's the configuration of your local workstation or a slow internet connection. We have noticed a small increasement of the "Error 500 - Overloaded" , since last week. This seems to be related to our Azure configuration, we are already working on that. As mentioned before we are using several cloud services from both Microsoft and Google. Track display errors are hard to catch, and almost everytime related to configuration changes to the Google Maps services.