Hi all,
i´m facing a problem with the Housing of my GT-31. The piece of plastic which holds the lid is broken away. Since i had this problem already on my gt-11 one year before, i handled the gt-31 wich extra care, especially when openig it.

Anyone else with the same problem?

Best regards, Thorsten
Yes. It has also happened on my GT-11 and GT-31, despite my attempts to be careful.

I superglued the broken bit back onto my GT-11 and it is now stronger than it was to begin with!

Unfortunately the bit that came off my GT-31 was lost so I am unable to do the same repair.

Hi Mike,
did you glue the broken piece over the whole leght to the front part or only on the edges to the back part? I´m unsure how to do it. 

regards, Thorsten

Hi Torsten and Michael

There are few possible solutions:

1. Purchase a GT31 case "door" from Locosys. They may be able to sell the whole GT31 case for about $5, in which case you can remove the "door" from the new case and replace it in your GT31. There is no need to change the entire case - this would void warranty.

2. if your GT31 warranty expired, you may consider fully waterproof case, like the one that I constructed for myself. See for details and photos. The case performs very well. It survived few crashes without any leaks and has excellent angle of view, because the screen is very close to the top and it is well illuminated from all directions.

The crew at Sandy Point (myself included) uses teeth to slide the latch on standard GT31 door case, before attempting to open the door. Apparently this technique extends the life of the latch significantly.


Hi Tom,
the Door with the latch is fine. what broke is the small plastic bar which forms the "hole" for the latch in the black part of the case. the technique described by you was used to open the door.
i was in contact to locosys because of that crappy construction a year before, since the same shit happened to my gt11. contacted stacy already to get spare parts...

regards, thorsten
Hi Thorsten,
                   Same problem many times here in NZ.
As with Tom we all did the teeth opening trick but still the latch breaks.
Our answer is to use rubber bands to hold the door closed.
We cut the bands out of cycle inner tubes.
Low tech- good result.

Hi Thorsten,

Unfortunately with the "bar" being broken, you need to replace the bottom half of the whole case.
Alternatively, you can try gluing something back to replace the bar.

My attitude is that GT31 plastic case is not good enough anyway and needs to be re-designed - eventually. For this reason I made a prototype of a new case (see link above). After ~3 months of testing it turns to be more reliable (and more waterproof) than GT31 in aquapack.

The snag is that I needed to install 2 reed magnetic switches to be able to turn GT31 on/off and operate it inside this case.

Hi Thorsten,

I've been away so I did not see your question until now.

On my GT-11 (whole bar came off in one piece), I just put glue on the ends of it and on the back of it then pushed it back into place. That seemed to do the trick for me.