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Start DateMonday, January 1, 2024
End DateTuesday, December 31, 2024
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The ‘2024 Mauritius Speed Challenge’ starts 1-1-2024 and ends on 31 dec 2024

Based on your fastest speed runs during the year and only on sessions from Mauritian waters (can be either coast or inland waters). All Mauritius based speed-sailors using the GPS Speed-surfing site will be automatically entered. Speed challenge sections are designated for Men, Women, under 16s & veterans. So on any windy day take your GPS out at your favourite speed spot on the island, which could be on the sea or your local lake and set your own personal record. Then upload your session to see how you did against the rest of the islands speed challengers on 


Video timing equipment is not used. Only hand held gps units are used. This enables sessions be made at very short notice. The top main units used are the Navi GT31 or GW-60. But other  units e.g. Garmin Fenix, Suunto units plus older units like the Garmin Foretrek, Forerunner and Geko are still acceptable (but may not be as accurate).

Rules dictated by gps-speedsurfing with added regulations by the Mauritius Speed League. 

The speed challenge provides for a number of speed categories (each to be ranked for top positions and these extra results are presented at a local level and are based on your fastest runs as follows; max2s, 10s, 100m, 250m 500m, 1nm, fastest average (i.e. of 5 best runs in a single session), & lastly Alpha 

Also note: an additional board size category for, ‘small / medium / large’ boards is applied to the local MSL results spreadsheet for each of the aforementioned speed categories.  This allows for a wider set of rankings locally. 

All participating sailors speed data is first obtained from GPS speed-surfing website then further processed locally to finally determine rankings in each speed & board size category. 

The GPS units must record at a minimum of two second time intervals. The GPS tracks (your speed session files) are up-loaded to a computer and speeds are calculated on gps software such as the free to use ‘gps action replay’ or highly recommended ‘GPS Results’ (free for 30 days trial then 29 Euros Downloadable from the website However the gps speed-surfing website also has it own server side processing software to calculate your speed files too.

Each competitor will then post his or her time on gps-speedsurfing by clicking ‘2018 Mauritius Speed Challenge’ as the event.

A minimum of 2 separate speed file session uploads to gps speed surfing website (each from a different day) is the minimum number of required speed sessions to qualify your entry to the 2023 Mauritius Speed Challenge rankings.

The event is for all.

Mauritius Speed League documents 1 - 3 apply as additional rules and guidelines (available on request) alongside gps-speedsurfing website rules.  


Qualifying Equipment

Any windsurfing equipment is allowed 


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