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Event name2018 Dunkerbeck Sorobon GPS Speed Challenge Worldwide
Start DateThursday, June 21, 2018
End DateMonday, June 25, 2018
Event sponsorBonaire, Sorobon Beach Resort, Dunkerbeck Pro Center
CountryNetherlands Antilles

  Event description and NOR

At the same time together with the Sorobon Masters, Björn organizes for the third time the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge and Pan/American Speed Championships, in Caribbean waters, a test for all those nutters prepared to sail along on a board at cruising speed. But watch out, this challenge also comes with challenges…

The traditional slalom- race held in Sorobon will have a parallel version alongside it, in the form of an online sister event: the „Dunkerbeck Sorobon GPS Speed Challenge- worldwide“ organized as a competition with no barriers.

More info about Sorobon Masters and registrations:

A challenge using GPS? How does it work?

The challenge sprang from a new idea. It is set up as a global contest, a challenge open to windsurfers anywhere around the world, who will be able to compete with each other from afar, measuring their times by GPS, simultaneously with the riders who are actually taking part in the race in Bonaire. There will be two diferents rankins, one for participants in Sorobon Beach and one for the rest of the world

But how is this possible?

Indeed, it is possible. Too right! If you cannot come along to Bonaire, then just sign up to the ‘worldwide’ race, the “Dunkerbeck Sorobon GPS Speed Challenge” open to competitors from around the world.

Fancy signing up?

If you want to be part of the virtual competition, you can find all the details of how to do so here. 

When is it being held?

You can upload your times for the virtual event between the 21th and 24th of June 2018

Don't have a GPS Device?

No problem at all- thanks to every sailor around the world will have the chance to try speed sailing. Possible without a gps device- they only need an Android phone with the application, a good aqua pack and you are ready to go.

Here comes a description of the GPSLogIt-app for Android smart phones (the promo-version is free and works until 15.07.2018). For online transmission a SIM-card and a data-rate are required of course. An Aqua pac is also needed and the smart phone must not be carried under the wetsuit, but on the upper arm and should have free view of the sky.

1. download the app from:

2. install (uninstall older version first) and allow installation from unknown sources (since the app was not downloaded from Google Play Store)

How to upload the speed- session?

All competitors taking part in the challenge have to create an account in :, and they have to post their at this site.

Competitors must use their own compatible GPS devices according to the standard rules from 

Here you find a step-by-step instructions how to register and how to post your speed session:

  1. How to create a new account (new members)
  2. How to finish your profile & getting ready to post
  3. How to subscribe to the event for Defi competitors
  4. How to upload your session

IMPORTANT: When you are a new member, and signed up for the first time, your registration to the event will be visible AFTER you have posted your first session.


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