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Event name2018 Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Worldwide Virtual GPS Speed Challenge
Start DateThursday, May 10, 2018
End DateMonday, May 14, 2018
Event contactinfoBjorn Dunkerbeck
Event sponsorGran Canaria / RedBull

  Event description and NOR

This year will be held from the 10th till the 13th of May  the 18th edition of the „Defi Wind“ and for the 4th time a competition in the competition. With the great support of the  Gran Canaria tourism board will happen the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge at the same time.

750 sailors have already registered for the event. Like in previous editions the winner will be the rider with the fastest speed over 500 meters during four days of the Defi Wind long distance races.


This great amount of Inscriptions is an organizational challenge for the us, but we love Challenges that’s why we call us Dunkerbeck Challenge.

So we will work with a new App developed by  for all sailors who don't have a gps device. All you need is an Android mobile phone and an Aqua pac.  (Free App download here: With the application the audience, family and friends will be able to follow the position and speeds in live time during the races.

For the rankings we will use the platform of where the Team of provides two different rankings:

  • Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck speed Challenge Le Defi:

Includes all sailors who take part in the beach of Gruissan. We will give also the chance to play in the virtual world wide ranking

  •  Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck speed Challenge Virtual World wide:

Where anyone from anywhere will be able to take part from their home spot

Thanks to every sailor around the world will have the chance to try speed sailing. Possible without a gps device- they only need an Android phone with the application, a good aqua pack and you are ready to go.

We also would like to thanks the Gran Canaria tourism board for their support one more year.


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Here comes a description of the GPSLogIt-app for Android smart phones (the promo-version is free and works until 15.07.2018). For online transmission a SIM-card and a data-rate are required of course. An Aqua pac is also needed and the smart phone must not be carried under the wetsuit, but on the upper arm and should have free view of the sky.

Online ranking is available on

 the DEFI 500m results are visible without further settings.


1. download the app from:


2. install (uninstall older version first) and allow installation from unknown sources (since the app was not downloaded from Google Play Store)


3. start the GPSLogIt-app and configure the upload parameters:

click here:

and switch on online tracking, put in your sail number and spot name (minimum speed should be set to 20knots, this value is used to determine the category-speeds and 50% of this value (10knots) is the minimum speed used for the online transmission of the data to save data volume, the zoom category is for display purposes only), then click OK:


4. before going on the water, start the GPSLogIt-App, start the GPS service on you smart phone, verify a valid GPS-fix by checking displayed time and number of tracked satellites, then click START RECORDING to save the GPS-data to the smart phone memory as a back-up (GPSLogIt-folder)(optionally select the zoom-category for better visibility of the zoom-category on  the water), put the smart phone into your Aqua pac and don't touch any buttons or the screen anymore:











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