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Event name2017 South African VMAX Speed Challenge
Start DateSunday, January 1, 2017
End DateSunday, December 31, 2017
Event contactinfoPaul Wagstaff
CountrySouth Africa

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South Africa Speed League 2017 - Speed Challenge
Start date and duration:
01 January  -  31 December 2017
South Africa, Anywhere within the conutry's waters or any of its inland water locations. 
Organiser and Moderator:
Paul Wagstaff
Rules: rules. Session to be posted within seven days from date of your speed session. 
Must use a GPS device compliant with 
Must provide minimum of 2 speed sessions. Each session must be from a different day (note: there is no limit to the number of speed sessions may submit).
Results based on several main categories of speed measurements allowing for a number of multiple speed awards to be recognised, (must be from two submitted speed sessions not from the same day) 
Fastest 10 second run (average) during the year. 
Fastest 2 second run (average) 
Fastest 100 metre run (average)
Fastest 250 metre run (average)
Fastest 500 metre run (average)
Fastest Nautical mile
Fastest Alpha 
Note: You do not have to compete in all of the above categories. Simply the best/fastest ones you can manage.
Good Speed 2017

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