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Event name2017 DBO V-Max Speed Challenge
Start DateWednesday, February 1, 2017
End DateSunday, December 31, 2017
Event contactinfoMikkel Asmussen
Event sponsorSimmer

  Event description and NOR

All competitors must be a member of DBO ( dansk brætsejler organisation )

All speeds must be uploaded through GPS by the competitor to be valid. We recommend that you use one of the following GPS units for precision. GT-31/GW-52/GW-60. Garmin, Suunto and other units can be used, but the organiser delete unrealistic speeds uploaded with these devices. 
The event is not limited to any specific parts of the world. As long at you are sailing on water, you can be part of this event. 
The winner will be the sailor with the best AVG speed during the periode of the event. 
The winner will be crowned winner of the DBO V-max speed challenge and will receive a 2017 Simmer style V-max sail of any sizes !!!
The event is sponsored by Simmer Style.

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