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Evenement naam2017 British Speed Championship
Start Datumzaterdag 1 oktober 2016
Eind Datumzaterdag 30 september 2017
Evenement contactpersoonDave White
LandUnited Kingdom

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The 2017 British Speed Championship will start on the 1st  October 2016

Based on your fastest 250m run during the year and only on sessions from UK waters. All British sailors using GPS Speedsurfing site will be automatically entered and there will be an annual trophy’s for for Men, Women under 16, Masters and Pro. So on any windy day take your GPS out at your favourite speed spot, which could be on the sea or your local lake and set your own personal record. Then upload you session to see how you did against the rest of the UK on


Video timing equipment is not used. Only hand held gps units are used. This enables sessions be made at very short notice. The main unit used is the Navi GT31. But other older units like the Garmin Foretrek, Forerunner and Geko are still acceptable but may not as accurate.

The rulesare based on the rules dictated by gps-speedsurfing. And it will be based on your fastest 250 m run. The GPS units must record at a minimum of two second time intervals. The GPS tracks are up-loaded to a computer and speeds are calculated on gps software such as the free to use gps action replay or highly recommended GPS Results (free for 30 days then 29 Euros Downloadable from the website

Each competitor will then post his or her time on gps-speedsurfing and clicking British Speed Challenge as the event.

Qualifying Equipment

Any windsurfing Equipment is allowed

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Deelnemers event
1Dave White85,75
2Will Trossell85,38
3Antony Todd85,02
4Jim Crossley84,64
5Ian Richards84,21
6Matthew York83,21
7Pete Young83,05
8Andy Holland79,98
9Andy Holland79,98
10Andy Holland79,98
11Andy Holland79,98
12Andy Holland79,98
13Adam Gustafsson78,34
14Adam Gustafsson78,34
15Adam Gustafsson78,34
16Adam Gustafsson78,34
17Neil Hardwick77,76
18Mark Hayford76,54
19Chris Bates76,08
20Mark Bailey75,4
21Peter Thompson74,41
22Scotty Stallman73,58
23Shaun Cook73,21
24Simon Thompson72,11
25John Kennedy71,15
26John Kennedy71,15
27Rob King70,98
28Rob King70,98
29Rob King70,98
30Rob King70,98
31Alex Bennett-Baggs70,32
32Norman Petty70,23
33Norman Petty70,23
34Mark Ingram69,7
35Jason Grafton69,38
36Alastair Nichol68,88
37Simon Pettifer68,69
38Simon Pettifer68,69
39Duncan Adam67,69
40George Fulton65,39
41Lea Spencer M65,03
42Adrian Wallis64,97
43Garry Connell63,84
44Garry Connell63,84
45Garry Connell63,84
46Simon chippington 63,55
47Phil Noden61,23
48Phil Noden61,23
49Paul Arnold60,66
50Bill Robinson60,41
51Grant Cottrell 58,72
52Grant Cottrell 58,72
53Grant Cottrell 58,72
54Sam Anstey 58,66
55Andras Tompa58,17
56George Morris57,78
57George Morris57,78
58George Morris57,78
59Martin Byford56,98
60John Martin56,12
61Daniel Johnston55,83
62Daniel Johnston55,83
63Daniel Johnston55,83
64Daniel Johnston55,83
65Daniel Johnston55,83
66Daniel Johnston55,83
67Daniel Johnston55,83
68Daniel Johnston55,83
69Daniel Johnston55,83
70Daniel Johnston55,83
71James Faley55,31
72Sarah Jackson54,92
73Steve Thompson53,87
74Chris Pankhurst 53,45
75Ben Robbins53,25
76Paul Sibley50,35
77Al Occleshaw49,98
78chris vasey49,2
79Jon Knight45,89
80Hlias Apostolou45,39
81Dimitris Bregiannis45,17
82Alan Randerson40,07