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Event name2016 Odyssey of Speed
Start DateTuesday, March 1, 2016
End DateFriday, September 30, 2016

  Event description and NOR

Official Notice of Race (NoR) for download on the event web site:


The Odyssey of Speed is taking place at all windsurfing spots in Greece, which are registered under


The Odyssey of Speed will take place from the 01.03.2016 until 30.09.2016.


The Basic Rules of www.gps-speedsurfing.comVersion 9.0 (ref. 1) apply. (

Categories for Ranking 

‘TITANS’ Class for Speedsurfers Within the course of the event the following speed/slalom categories will be considered for the ranking:

  • Cat. A: 2 sec GPS max. Speed
  • Cat. B: 5 x 10sec GPS average
  • Cat. C: 500 m GPS max.
  • Cat. D: 1 hour GPS max.
  • Cat. E: Alpha Racing (500m)
  • Cat. F: Maximum Distance travelled during one day (24 hours)

For the ‘TITANS’ Class each session result needs to be uploaded to www.gps-speedsurfing.comusing the automatic upload function of the approved evaluation software (see ref.1. §8). Multiple sessions during a day are allowed (see ref.1 §.11), however should be avoided. Sessions shall be uploaded not later than two weeks after they have been sailed. Uploads are possible until 30.09.2016. 20:00. Any sessions uploaded after this deadline can not be considered for the ranking. All GPS tracks needs to be available for verification by the event organization at all times.


For the event’s ranking points will be awarded for the best performance in each category during the period of the event. For each category all competitors are awarded points equivalent to their ranking position in each category, except the first place, which is awarded 0.7 points. Competitors who will not supply a result for a category during the event or who are disqualified score the points awarded to the last possible finishing position. The Overall ranking will be based the accumulated points out of all categories. The ranking will be made considering all posted results in the entire period. The updated results will be communicated on the event website,on www.gps-speedsurfing.comand the HSSWA website

Sailing Equipment

Only windsurfing equipment is approved.

GPS Equipment

The official GPS of the 'Odyssey of Speed' is the LOCOSYS GT-31/BGT-31. This are the only GPS units currently recommended by International GPS Speed Sailing Organizations. Only sessions recorded by GT-31 (and GT-11) , and the new GW-52 units will be recognized.

Entry fee

The Odyssey of Speed is free and there is no entry fee.

Awards & Prizes

The winner in the ‘TITANS’-Class will be awarded with the title ‘Odysseus of Speed 2016’

Prizes from sponsoring please refer to the offical NoR.


Each participant should take responsibility for himself and can be disqualified if he/she exposes herself or others at unnecessary risk. If extra weights are used a vest must support the weights or equivalent that provides a positive buoyancy of the weights. Wetsuit, etc. are not counted as flotation devices. Sailors who refuse to provide help to those who show emergency signal will be disqualified.


Every rider has responsibility for himself. He/she has to have all insurances needed. The organizer will not take any responsibility for rescue operations nor racing accidents.


The event is organized by Tim Otte in close cooperation with the Hellenic Speed Slalom Windsurfing Association (HSSWA).


  Event messages

Event subscribers
1Nick Vardalachos50.93
2Christian Bornemann48.22
3Dirk Jan Knol47.62
4Minos Efstathiadis45.55
5Johnny Tuijn44.87
6Johan Huitema44.67
7Johan Huitema44.67
8Johan Huitema44.67
9Philip Adamidis41.6
10Tim Otte40.84
11Armin Hoefer40.54
12Oane Kingma40.24
13Alexandros Petikidis39.63
14Rainer Motloch39.53
15Rainer Motloch39.53
16Rainer Motloch39.53
17Sakellariou Kostas39.32
18Sakellariou Kostas39.32
19Sakellariou Kostas39.32
20Sakellariou Kostas39.32
21Sakellariou Kostas39.32
22Thomopoulos Dinos38.94
23Alexander Doukas38.7
24John Papaspirou38.69
25Thodoros Romanos38.55
26Henrick Schill38.54
27Papandrikopoulos Konstantinos38.49
28Vladan Desnica38.1
29Panagiotis Chairopoulos37.64
30Panagiotis Chairopoulos37.64
31Panagiotis Chairopoulos37.64
32Manolis Kapnisakis37.57
33Birgit Hoefer37.16
34Georgios Flamis36.58
35Stephanos Grapsas36.27
36Babis Sakadaris36.2
37Babis Sakadaris36.2
38Babis Sakadaris36.2
39Nick Doris35.87
40George Papagiannakis35.64
41Matthias Sommer35.45
42Konstantinos Dimopoulos35.31
43Konstantinos Dimopoulos35.31
44Konstantinos Dimopoulos35.31
45Ilias Tsekouras34.59
46Tomislav Jaklin34.43
47Juan Herrero33.9
48Antonis Giannopoulos33.42
49Arthur Sanders33.24
50Dimitris Papagiannakis33.15
51Socrates Costicoglou33.08
52Kostas Ntotsias33.05
53Leta Margoni32.99
54Mavris Haris32.76
55Urska Desnica32.41
56Francois Lamein32.28
57Matthias Chemnitz31.23
58Mario Kontis31.08
59Peter Stroi30.85
60Sofia Koukouzeli29.86
61Sofia Koukouzeli29.86
62Sofia Koukouzeli29.86
63Pantelis Orestis Katsoudas29.54
64Michalis Doukas29.39
65Vasilis Kretsis29.22
66Constantinos Christopoulos29.02
67Kostas Raptis28.89
68Soulis Syrakis28.84
69Nicole Skodda27.64
70Zogkas Nikolaos26.68
71Zogkas Nikolaos26.68
72Zogkas Nikolaos26.68
73Inga Kontis26.07
74Hlias Apostolou25.56
75Chocho Chankov25.06
76Kwnstantinos Zervas24.97
77Goulielmos Giorgos24.93
78Asterios Drogalas24.68
79Vessela Katsarska24.52
80Olaf Krohne24.08
81Andy Copleston24.01
82Alexander Trylinsky23.06