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Event name2013 GPS Challenge Series - Cabrillo Beach Inner Bay
Start DateThursday, August 1, 2013
End DateTuesday, December 31, 2013
Event contactinfoKevin Do
Event moderatorKevin Do
CountryUnited States

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-2013 GPS Challenge Series - Cabrillo Beach Inner Bay

News and info about the challenge can also be found on my blog



Notice of Race:


Team AHD/Select - Thierry Jack Levi & Kevin Do


The 2013 GPS CS - Cabrillo Beach Inner Bay will take place at Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro, CA on the inside bay.  


The event will be year/season long with monthly competitions.  The 2013 event starts August 1st and ends with the last month of the 2013 windsurfing season (Subject to change but hopefully we get a few more months of sailing)

Entry Fee:

There will be NO entry free.  



There will be 4 classes like Le Mans!


Free Ride - (Tabou Rockets, Fanatic Sharks, Xcite Rides, and etc)

Free Race - (Futuras, Rays, SuperSports, and etc)

Slalom - (iSonics, SL1/2s, Mantas, Falcons, xFires, and etc)

Formula - (Floating doors with mast tracks, HWR/LWRs, US147s, and etc)**

**Subject to change depending on number of entrants


To make matters even more confusing, there will also be Age Groups/Classes:  * I didn't come up with these names! they are all from GP3S!*

Junior (11-14)

Junior Plus (15-18)

Senior (19-35)

Masters (36-50)

Grand Master (51-60)

Super Masters (61-70)

Ultimate Masters (71-99)

These will be the following disciplines:

2 sec peak 

5x10sec average

Alpha @500m

Nautical Mile

1 hour



GPS Units:

Only GPS units that been approved by GP3S will be allowed for the event.  A list can be found here.  

If you have a GPS that isn't on the list contact me and we will see if we can get it to work for the event!

We will also have 3 gps units available for loan.  They will be given out for the day on first come basis.   It would be best to coordinate with me which day you will be coming to Cabrillo so I can get a GPS unit ready for you.  It would still be recommended to purchase your own gps unit + Aquapac 218.



For the month you will be required to submit 3 sessions.  You will be required to submit AT minimum 1 session by the end of the first 2 weeks of the month.  You will be allowed ONE discard per month.  The 2 sessions numbers/stats will than be averaged and those will numbers will be used in calculating your score in the respected categories.  More details below.

Overall scores will be calculated from your ranking in the 6 categories.  Let's say sailor Bill ranks 1st in all 6 categories.  He would than get 6 points overall (1+1+1+1+1+1).  Sailor Jack ranks 2nd in 5 of the 6 categories and 3rd in the last one, he would get 13 points (2+2+2+2+2+3).  The sailor with least OVERALL points will win the overall title for the month.  Same scoring system would go for the gear classes, age classes, and discipline categories.


At the end of the year there will be an Overall Year Champion in each of the gear classes, disciplines, age class, and of course Overall.  

The scoring will work the same way like the month.  For disciplines, sailor Jack ranks 1st in August for Alpha @500m, 3rd in September, and 2nd October.  He would than get 6 points overall for Alpha @ 500m (1 + 3 + 2).  The sailor with the least points at the end of the year in the discipline will win.  Same scoring will be used for all other classes/overall scores.  Just for clarification, regarding overall scores.  A perfect 1st place month would require the sailor to get 6 points overall (1st in every discipline).  If he gets 2nd across the board in the next month than he would get 12 points overall.  In total he would have 18 points in the OVERALL YEAR Category.  You will also be allowed to have 1 discard (pick the month you dislike the most!)


If you have any disputes please contact me ASAP at or Jack at

If you have disputes regarding scoring you have (1) week from the time the scores for the month/year are released to contact one of the moderators.


As of right now there will be trophies awarded to the top 3 in the following categories:

Year Overall 

FreeRide Year Overall

FreeRace Year Overall

Slalom Year Overall

I'm hoping to get more awards but I'm paying out of pocket and can't afford that many trophies!  Also working with potential sponsors to provide awards to the Top 3 Overall.  



GPS Speedsailing can be a very dangerous sport, any sport where you play with mother nature can be.  While not required, the GPS CS event committee highly recommends that you wear a helmet/appropriate eye protection.

Also if you plan on using a weight vest, please be aware of the inherit dangers of using one and ensure you are in proper shape/condition to compete in speedsailing.

Sailors who refuse to provide help to those who show emergency signal will be disqualified.



Much thanks goes out to Jurg @ WindsurfDeal and Philip Newmarch (Hot Sails Maui Team Rider) for providing us with GPS units for the event!  This event wouldn't be possible without your contributions!  



Contact me or Jack at



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1Babis Sakadaris36.2
2Kevin Do29.83
3Marcos Gabella26.69
4Juan Yusti26.45
5Steve Mitchell25.73
6Thierry Jack Levi25.65