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Event name2011 Odyssey of Speed
Start DateSunday, January 1, 2012
End DateMonday, July 1, 2013
Event moderatorTim Otte
Event sponsorNETtoSUN Travel, Locosys Technology, Aquapac International, Club Mistral Karpathos, Vector Fins

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Notice of Race

The Event

As the event includes various disciplines (challenges) of speed/slalom surfing (see rules below), the event is named as the 'Odyssey of Speed'; in the tradition of the ancient greek hero Odysseus, who had several adventures to overcome.

The philosophy of this challenge should be to bring together people from around the world, which enjoy the same passion of windsurfing in strong winds at high speeds. Therefore the participation is open for everyone in the windsurfing community from all skill levels from fun sailors up to serious including professional level.

The 'Odyssey of Speed' is dealing with various disciplines of speed/slalom surfing, rather than focussing on max. speed only. This way we would like to attract also the 'normal' Greek Summer windsurfers to get involved, who might be reluctant to compete on pure and specialized speed events and/or who might not have the highly specialized equipment.

In addition to the competition it is also most important just to have fun, enjoy the windsurfing sessions and meet people after the sessions. Generally built relationships and help to grow the community of speed surfers.

The 'Odyssey of Speed' will be based on current GPS-measuring standards and rules. Due to generous sponsoring we will have (10) LOCOSYS BGT-31 GPS Units incl. water-proof AQUAPAC cases available on-site for renting at no cost. We also have attractive offers available on-site for purchasing the GPS equipment. (see GPS Equipment below).



The 'Odyssey of Speed' will take place on the island of Karpathos, Greece.

The island of Karpathos is famous for its steady and strong wind conditions in summer and also well known from past World Cup events and championships in Speedsurfing. The three bays of Afiartis named Paradise, Gun and Chicken Bay are the perfect location offering various kinds of windsurfing conditions, plenty of space on the water and perfect infrastructure at the various surf stations.

However, the event shall not depend on a certain location and venue, except sailing in the waters of Karpathos.



The 'Odyssey of Speed' will take place from the 01.07.2011 until 21.08.2011.



The Basic Rules of www.gps-speedsurfing.comVersion 8.0 (ref. 1) apply.

Within the course of the event the following speed/slalom categories will be considered for the ranking:

  • Cat. A:           2 sec GPS max
  • Cat. B:           5 x 10sec GPS average
  • Cat. C:           1 hour GPS max
  • Cat. D:           500 m GPS max
  • Cat. E:           Alpha Racing (500m)
  • Cat. F:            Maximum Distance travelled during one day (24 hours)

Each session result needs to be uploaded to www.gps-speedsurfing.comusing the automatic upload function of the approved evaluation software (see ref.1. §8). Multiple sessions during a day are allowed (see ref.1 §.11), however should be avoided. Session uploads are possible until 21.08.2011. 18:00. Any session uploaded after this deadline can not be considered for the ranking.

All GPS tracks needs to be available for verification by the event organization at all times.


Scoring / Results

Points will be awarded for the best performance in each category within the period of time of the competition.

For each category all competitors are awarded points equivalent to their ranking position in each category, except the first place, which is awarded 0.7 points. Competitors who will not supply a result for a category in the course of the event or who are disqualified score the points awarded to the last possible finishing position.

The Overall ranking will be based the accumulated points out of all categories.

The updated daily results will be communicated on www.gps-speedsurfing.comand in the race office on-site in Karpathos.


Sailing Equipment

Only windsurfing equipment is approved.


GPS Equipment

The official GPS of the 'Odyssey of Speed' is the LOCOSYS GT-31/BGT-31. This are the only GPS units currently recommended by International GPS Speed Sailing Organizations. Only sessions recorded by GT-31 (and GT-11) units will be recognized.

 (10) LOCOSYS BGT-31 GPS Units incl. water-proof AQUAPAC cases will be available on-site for renting at no cost. The GPS units can be picked up at either windsurfing station in Karpathos, namely Club Mistral, Pro Center Chris Schill and Planet Windsurfing. Please contact us before the event to reserve a GPS unit if needed. The GPS units can be kept for the duration of the event and must be returned at the end of the event, or before leaving Karpathos.

In the race office on Karpathos we will give support for setting up the GPS units, for the use of the evaluation software and the data upload to

We also have attractive offers available on-site for purchasing the GPS equipment. LOCOSYS is supporting our event and we are able to offer GPS units for the following price:

  • LOCOSYS GT-31                           100,00 €

AQUAPACis supporting our event by offering discount to subscribed riders to buy any products from their website at a 40% discount. For the purchase a code is required, which can be made available after subscription to our event.



We intend to offer special arrangements on-site at the various surf stations (Club Mistral, Pro Centre Chris Schill, Planet Windsurfing Centre) for airport transfer, storage, rental equipment, etc. during the event, e.g. at Club Mistral storage + airport transfer 1 week 60€, 2 weeks 90€. Further details to be communicated soon.

Our sponsor NETtoSun is offering for all competitors double mileages in their frequent traveller program for any booking made through them, this includes flights, accommodation, rental cars, etc. .


Entry fee

The 'Odyssey of Speed'  is free and there is no entry fee.



We do not plan to have prize money.

We will have attractive prizes for the Top riders in the Overall ranking of the contest.


1. Place                                 NETtoSUN travel voucher of 12.000 Miles in the NETtoSUN frequent  traveller program, equal to a value of approx. 300 €.

                                               + (1) VECTORFINS Maui Fin (free choice type and size)

2. Place                     LOCOSYS BGT-31 GPS device + AQUAPAC 212 Case

                                               + (1) VECTORFINS Maui Fin (free choice type and size)

3. Place                     LOCOSYS BGT-31 GPS device + AQUAPAC 212 Case

Best woman and best youngster (under 18 years) will both receive a GPS bundle comprising a LOCOSYS BGT-31 GPS device + AQUAPAC 212 Case.

Further prizes to be announced soon, as we are awaiting further sponsoring.



Each participant should take responsibility for himself and can be disqualified if he/she exposes herself or others at unnecessary risk. If extra weights are used a vest must support the weights or equivalent that provides a positive buoyancy of the weights. Wetsuit, etc. are not counted as flotation devices. Sailors who refuse to provide help to those who show emergency signal will be disqualified.



Every rider has responsibility for himself. He/she has to have all insurances needed. The organizer will not take any responsibility for rescue operations nor racing accidents.



The 'Odyssey of Speed'  is supported by the following sponsors:

The event is open for further sponsoring.



The event is organized by Tim Otte, Manoli Kritsiotis and Patrik Pollak



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