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Event name2011 Greek Speed Championships
Start DateSunday, January 1, 2012
End DateMonday, July 1, 2013

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Notice of Race

Invitation to Greek Speed Championships.

Two races will take place, one in the area Tsimari (off the western coast-Etoloakarnania), and one in Drepano, Achaia. Each race will be ranked separately and the winners of the Championship will come from a separate score. The championship events will be held during the waiting period of the following dates: 01/03/2011 to 30/05/2011. Given the specificity of speedsurfing, the siting of the race will take place according to the weather forecast. The invitation for the event will be sent electronically.

The races will be called according to the wind forecast at one of the following places in Greece:
:        lat = 38.352705°, lon = 21.105907°,

Drepano:      lat = 38.339287°, lon = 21.849393°,
The final call for each race will be via e-mail (to be included in the mailing list, please contact the Greek GP3S timekeeper!) and websites ,

Contact Persons:

Nick Vardalachos (,
Minos Efstathiadis (,
Alexander Doukas (, Greek gp3s timekeeper

Calling a race day/weekend

The events' duration will be one or two days and will be held only on Saturdays and / or Sundays. The final call will be given at the latest 24 hours before the official start. If the race is cancelled, the organizer can give a call until 12 hours prior to the event.

The race will be measured by GPS and the contestants should bring their own GPS devices. The ranking is based on the rules of GP3S (Basic Rules,

Accepted Devices GPS: Navi GT31 / Navi GT11 / Amaryllo Triptracker. Awards will be given only to participants who will use any of the accepted devices. The ranking of each heat will be calculated based on:
• Best average (5 best 10 second runs), and in case of a tie:
• Best ten second run, up until the 5th run, and then
• Best 2 second run.

Wind Limits – Racing Heats

A heat will be recorded as valid automatically when five (5) athletes achieve faster average speed than 30 knots, measured over 5x10 seconds, regardless of the length that the heat will run. There will be no wind speed limit. Each heat will have a maximum duration of 90 minutes, during which athletes will be able to make as many runs as desired. There can be up to 3 heats per race day. The race will be valid even with the completion of a one (1) heat.


After completion of all heats of each race day, competitors will hand in their sessions' data through the SD card of their GPS. Race results will be produced after processing the data by appropriate software. For each race will be announced a separate Final Ranking. The final ranking of the championships will come after aggregation of all heats to be held (with 3 races completed, there will be 1 discard, after 6 races 2 discards, after 9 races 3 discards). In case of a tie, following will be used:
• Best ten second run, up until the 5th run, and then
• Best 2 second run


Prizes - Awards

Based on the final ranking of the Championships, cups will be awarded to the six (6) first, and the winners of the categories of Youngsters (under 18 years), Masters (36-45 years), Grand Masters (over 45) and women (cups sponsored by BLU CAFFE, )

There will a lottery with gifts and prizes for contestants, which will be announced via the web in and

Registration Fees
The cost to participate in both races will be twenty (20) Euros for each athlete.

Participants will take part in the organizing at their own risk.
Participants must observe the safety rules for water sports and must wear lifejackets sea (life vests) or other protective measures on their own responsibility.
Each rider is responsible for all insurance is required.

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