• Max. 2 sec.
  • 39.18knots
Average speed
37.52  ( 37.97 37.75 37.62 37.35 36.91 )
  • 100 m run
  • 38.93knots
  • 250 m run
  • 37.44knots
  • 500 m run
  • 35.27knots
  • Nautical mile
  • 22.52knots
  • 1/2 hour speed
  • 18.13knots
  • 1 hour avg speed
  • 16.29knots
  • Alpha racing
  • 18.52knots
  • Distance
  • 60km
  • Duration
  • 01:46:07
  • Windspeed
  • 20 - 25knots
  • Wind direction
  • W ( 270)

Short afterwork session. 

Started at 14:30 from the Punt first upwind to Dwars in den weg. Not enough wind anymore there  so continued to Archipel. There we still found some wind to play around.

Floris and I stayed 5 minutes too long there.  Half way back the wind veered and dropped. We just made it to Hompelvoet and after a km walk to the most western edge I found the last puff of wind to bring me to shore.

Floris was less lucky and got stuck in the middle between Hompelvoet and the Punt. At 17:10  there was little room for error left so I called the KNRM and within 20 minutes the guys picked him up and brought him ashore.

We always surf with watertight phones in watertight bags and have a stobe light as well in case of emergency.

I can highly recommend this to everyone. It really puts your mind at ease because anything can happen on the water, however well you are prepared or fit you are .

Best 500m run