Results of the day
1Farrel O Shea49.08
2Thierry Bielak48.99
3Thierry Bielak48.99
4Manfred Merle48.61
5Richaud Christophe48.48
6Christian Bornemann48.22
7Jean Michel Cloarec47.93
8Boris Vujasinovic47.59
9Laurent Fesquet47.4
10Alain De Gendt16.6
11Jean Michel Cloarec9.67


First day for me sailing in the strong wind here in Luderitz. Feels good!!!!:)))) I decided to use my NP sail today. It was too crazy outhere to test new sails, so Loft Blades were on hold for the moment. Gusting to 60 knots and not exactly flat in the canal. Still not feeling 100% adjusted to small gear but getting there with each run. Hopefully more speed to come tomorrow....

I missed out on one of the big days of speedsurfing history is the least I can say, It was the opportunity to get my Belgian record back after nearly 4 weeks of waiting. I didn't sail the day before to save energy for D-day. My first (and only) testrun of the day ,44,57kts/500m videotimed (with a board and fin I didn't use so far) ended with a visit to the state hospital. My fin cut me to the bone (ankle) after a crash in the shallow finish. A few meters before that crash, in the finishzone, I had a peekspeed of 85,6km/h. Last night I had dinner with my roommates who pushed, all but one, their (3) national records. Massive respect to speedbuddy Christian, He did 50,20kts average, less then a week after his 50th birthday.

Magic day!!! In the beginning of the day it was super strong and choppy gusting up to 60 kts. Waited til the wind dropped a little bit and settled. Angle got better, water got flatter. The first test run was already 47,5 kts. average. For the second run I took more lead and did the 50 kts.! Super stoked!!! Crashed on the upwind turn in the finish and ripped the sail. Took almost 1 hour to fix it more or less. 3rd run again a 48, but the weight vest ripped totally in the finish ... so again a break to organize a spare one (many thanks to Pierre!). After that the wind had already dropped a lot, best conditions were gone. Enjoyed it and did 2 more runs in the sunset.

Many thanks for all the great support to "Team Patrik"!

Congratulation to all riders for their records and PR's!