Results of the day
1Manfred Merle42.64
2Jean-marc Degrelle41.46
3Kurt Van Holderbeke40.94
4Paul Lampaert40.09
5Stephen Squirrell27.32

nice session despite a few waves!

downwind at the beginning,wind was more and more square all along the day,

new PB for 2sec!!

I need more,soon!!!!!

Eerste sessie van onze LF trip en in de traditie, yups, PR time. Dit maal met de 5.5 Avanti M2. Full control op de niet spiegelgladde baan en rekening houdend met soms tricky inkomende rollers. Dwonwind full control.

Comments later smiley

Friday 22nd May – windsurf * - La Franqui  - sunny – nw 35/50 mph :(

Fanatic speed – 5.8 – 20 cm fin – 36.74 kts


What a top night in our lovely quiet, sheltered spot at Port Mahon and a relaxing start to the day with exercises and breakfast before loading the gear in the van and heading for the wooden pier getting there just before midday with a couple of sailors out with 5.6 who said it had been really good with flat water and the wind square making getting back easy. There were diggers and bull dozers by the wooden pier moving sand around and water in the channel running back to the railway line which looks like they are getting the pump going again.  One unlucky German sailor’s van was stuck in the sand :( I took a chance rigging the 5.8 with the wind at least 35 mph, hoping it wouldn’t build like yesterday!  I had a really good first run in some sort of control and then the day went to pieces again :( The wind built and the sea roughed up making it difficult for a speed novice like me – we even had a few rolling waves. Again I am finding it difficult to get going and it’s tiring to sail upwind – getting too old for this!!! I had a break for lunch to catch up with Mag who was having a good day collecting shells, even managing to sit outside today as we were parked further away from the jetty and there was less loose sand blowing about :) The German was trying to get his van out of the sand so I took my levelling wedges over and put them under his rear wheels and he got out with a few of us pushing! The wind had got silly again, now gusting to 50 mph, I should have changed to the 5.2 but decided to try my weight jacket. I stood in the water for ages hoping for a lull which never came so decided to call it a day – yet another crap day, just not cut out for speedsailing!!!

Packed up quickly and headed back to Port Mahon to sort out the sandy kit and van and have a good wash but sadly after an hour a man in a digger said he was going to block off the track to our lovely spot so we had to pack up and move :( We had a ride around but couldn’t find anywhere to park so went to Lidl to stock up and then drove to our spot near Bages – OK but not as good as Port Mahon – this will probably be our last trip to La Franqui as our camping spot has gone and I don’t enjoy trying to sail in 50 mph winds – no fun :(