Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout47.05
2Hans Kreisel46.49
3Vincent Valkenaers44.36
4Dirk Jan Knol43.94
5Magnus Bengtsson42.91
6Tom De Pauw42.51
7Damien Nico42.3
8Hendrik de Jong41.21
9Anne Evert van der Veen41.06
10Jean-marc Degrelle40.57
11Peter van Dijk40.54
12Oane Kingma40.24
13Dirk Hacha40.18
14Petter Malmkvist39.53
15Andres Kask38.15
16Toomas Kasenurm38.11
17Baard Bendiksen37.3
18Pat Erauw36.76
19Rainer Fuhrmann36.51
20Søren Kjær32.29

This time, my 3rd LF trip, La Franqui did not deliver entirely, but it did deliver some PR's.

The conditions today were not simple.

Yesterday was totally unsailable, unless your name is Hans: 50-55 kts, which made it a boring day for the others, cars arriving and leaving all the time, everyone waiting for the wind to decrease, which it never did... being sandblasted constantly, with waves breaking onshore between 50-150cm high with low tide.

But today was actually sailable, but far from perfect, like I had the privilege of experiencing last year around this time. The water was hardly flat, the water level was swelling and sinking all the time, waves still breaking a little onshore here and there, water gushing on the shoreline sometimes 10m or more, which made it difficult to see where the separation between sand and water actually is. According to JM Degrelle the wave frequency is 3x every 10 minutes, as an ex-musician I cannot totally confirm this, but there was certainly some repeating pattern. Inbetween all this disturbance it was possible to find some quite flat stretches, but it certainly was not the pool table quality that everyone always hopes for.

All the while, everybody got at some moment surprised by some wave forming underneath the board, some crashes happened without heavy consequences. I played safe all the time, and always looked very well ahead and to the left to notice in time any swell or wave forming.

Avoiding the start sand bar deeper in the see, perfecting my near-shore instant-plane starting technique, I was stalling at 66-68 max with 64-66 avg.

The one 72+ run came as a surprise, I'm not sure how or why it happened. I remember stepping up, building up the run, and then everything somehow became silvery, with the sun on the water, the gust touching the water... the acceleration felt like going from slow motion to fast motion, a bit like with a car going faster than 160... it's another dimension.


So this one run caused what LF delivered for me this time : 

4 speed PR's: 

  Max. 2 sec.         71.77 -> 73.74

  100 m run           70.79 -> 73.29

  Max. 10 sec. run 69.29 -> 72.41

  250 m run           68.88 -> 71.12

Max display speed: 73,94 or 39,93 kts... almost there !!


Unfortunately the 10 sec avg stayed just below my standing PR (68,17), so this is my second fast session ever.

We as Belgian delegation had the water for ourselves during lunch break for the other nationalities. However, the water conditions became worse as the day advanced, the wind more and more gusty.

In the afternoon, Vincent did not stop trying to bring home that last needed 82+ run, Tom was sitting relaxedly in his beach chair after again having broken several PR's, Dirk tried one more run but concluded, like I did, that things would not get better, and so we slowly started the trip home.

Goodbye sunny La Franqui...


ps. - used the 22 instead of the 20 to get easier lift and somewhat easier upwind angle. It works for me, probably because I'm a rather passive sailor in terms of stance, board and sail manipulation.

- However, the 72+ run probably was because I actively pulled the front foot and rolled the board to leeward, + mildly slingshotting. 

- I used the instant-plane-feet-in-straps starting technique because I did not much like the starting point, which was quite far away into sea, some 75m off-shore and some 20m to the left of the waterpump. From there, some hefty chop and wind lulls had to be crossed before arriving at the beach to start the actual run. So I mostly started a few meters from the water's edge, in gusts of 30-35 kts (40 was too violent), thereby accelerating from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds - a thrill in it's own right :), you should try it too ! Both feet in the straps, classic waterstart position, wait for the gust, let yourself be pulled out of the water while pointing the nose in the direction, madly accelerate while hooking in.


Détail saillant: on the way back home, car broke down at 50 km from the beach. Then did a 800km panic drive only on gas (LPG), without ever shutting down the engine, including some short naps on the way, because the engine was nog going to start again if I would shut it down ! This is about the only disadvantage with cars on LPG: they need to start on petrol, if even during just a fraction of a if your petrol circuit is not functioning anymore (I probably had a broken fuel pump), you're not going anywhere, unless you keep it running on gas.


Détail saillant 2: while being towed from below Paris to Belgium, saw Vincent V's motorhome also broke down along the motorway to Lille...?. Hope he had some help too.

Hunnik uusi numbreis jälle. Tingimused olid üsna keerulised, tuul puhanguline, hull laine ranna ääres ja üsna tsopine. Raskusvest aitas palju.

Another nice session a bit overcrowded but enjoyed it. Decided to take the 5,8 today to see how fast this one can be and give Jacques a chance to have the day victory ;). The sail felt super steady a bit less acceleration but way easier to keep power maybe because it was pretty windy. Really like my 500 and good to see i can do 50knots with this one as well. Happy days!!!!!

start of the session quite hard between angle and waves,my 4 first runs were faster and faster,but a big crash stopped me,no hurt,no broken gear,so,I continue but the wind was lighter and lighter, 

but funny session with a lot of friends

Hey Pat what is flat strokes ;) couldn't stop laughingsorry

The last 5 sessions i did i took all the world day rankings. Very sad i was not there last week at the Brace as i was in Germany for work, thursday evening when i was travelling to France and saturday morning i was just too late on the beach. All my own mistake and part of the game. At least i improved my 2 sec speed to 52,12 knots and my nautical mile to 43,29 knots. 

heerlijk weekend franqui, met op de zondag een voor mij zware sessie, waarbij ik niet heel veel risico heb genomen met de inkomende swell. nog even kort bij de defi geweest en gezien hoe albeau zijn sessie won en binnenkwam als een filmster !!!!!


Yihaa! Now also officially a member of the 40 knots average club!

PR time again, which I did not expect at first. The conditions were quite tricky with incoming swell and the wind was very up and down. However, after a few runs I suddenly saw 80+ on the dial. A few runs later: again, but this time also accompanied by my fastest run ever: 76.36. A PR on average was close but it took me quite a few tries before I got the perfect gust which showed 82.6 in the peak from slingshotting into the chop accompanied by another 74.5 run: mission accomplished!

Awesome day to close off a great weekend of speed, board/fin/sail talk and good company =) We should do it again soon. Thanks for the great atmosphere guys, it doesn't get better than this!

@Hans: you dirty mind :). Apparently, "flat stroke" does not exist in English, I checked it. Should have been "flat stretch". Anyway, leaving the text as it is for now :).

Very happy with a nice PR sailed in speedparadise La Franqui on this sunny sunday.

Used my smallest JP speedboard, a Neil Pryde 5.4m and an asy Z-fins.

Best 10" of 82,74 km/h... that's the way to go...

Now back home to Belgium, tired but with a big smile on my and Dirk's face.

En ook de derde surf dag was perfect, heerlijk gevaren met de combi Fanatic 44 en de  CHS-Aero 5,4      3 dagen surfen waarvan 2 dagen over de 81 en 1 dag bijna 83 gem.  Wat wil je nog meer??   ha ha, nog hardersmiley  Respect voor Jaques en Hans, die zijn buitengewoon goed.

Na  dat Jaques zij , dat de nautical goed  te varen was, deze 2 keer geprobeerd. Eerste keer te weinig power, maar de 2 e keer was full pull , ik dacht dit komt in de buurt van mijn PR, helaas bij het uitlezen zeer teleurgesteld, was maar een 74.  Maar waar kon dit aan liggen. Bij verder kijken heb ik hem helaas gewoon te kort gemaakt. Maar het mooie was dat ik over 1,46 km een gemiddelde had van 78,5 km/h  dus het kan wel. volgende keer nog maar eens proberen. 

Oane en Anne Gefelciteerd met de PR,s  het was een mooi tripje,

Gisteren een leuke deal kunnen maken in een shop en mijn iSonic Speed W44 2011 ingeruild tegen een custom W44 van Moussilmani uit 2013. En dit board konden we vandaag meteen uitproberen. :-)

Alleen stond de wind haakser dan de andere dagen en kreeg is de set langs het kantje niet aan de praat en kon ik geen basissnelheid opbouwen.

Maar toch een lekkere ochtendsessie, voordat we weer richting Nederland zouden vertrekken.

Fijn dat ik 'last minute' nog aan kon schuiven bij een gedeelte van het Speedteam Lauwersmeer. Het was een leuk en gezellig surfweekend mannen. Ook al verstond ik er niet alles van, haha. ;-P

leuk maar vermoeiend dagje eerst mee gedaan met defi maar daar was er te veel wind voor om mij te amuseren en dan maar besloten om te gaan speeden was veeel plezanter toch een kleine pr op de mijl had nog 1 goede run nodig maar die kwam maar niet hoogst wrs door de vermoeidheid leuk om nog eens met tom en dirk tevaren was net iets meer als een jaar geleden dat het daar begon voor mij met hen :p

After 2 days of unsailable wind (at least for me), we set our hope on Sunday.

The circumstances however, were not comparable with Thursday. Broader angle, much more wind than predicted, pretty choppy alternated with a vicious breaking incoming wave. Not my cup of tea, but I had quite a few good examples of guys who didn't care about the waves. Impressive, that's real-world-speedsurfing!

After a while i got used a bit to the picture and it become fun again with my 2nd (and also unexpected) 40+ Avg in a row (wasn't it a coincidence after all???)

Also went for a NM with Tom......heavy.....improved my best with 5 km/h. (but I knew there was some room for improvement)

Congrats to the guys with PR's in these challenging conditions. The small gap with Tom just lasted for 3 days, haha.

Nice end of my best LF trip ever. Tom, thanks for the safe trip, and all the others for the fine company.

Nice day on water. Got some swell in the course which made it interesting. Didn't get the board to release well so no good speeds, but very good practice day. Got to sail 3 out 4 days on my first trip to La Franqui, and witness Hans amazing 99.6 km/h run, so cant ask for more. I will be back!

Have not sailed for a long time makes it special to be at a super open water speedspot as la Franqui, its nature at its best. The big guys were general faster today but i am super happy to be on the water, and the speedcurve was encreasing during the vacation and when the last h of speed I got to buy JVDH rigg 5.4 evo6 and if not the waves was increasing and my arms were spagetti by then it whould have been even better for me because the best run was on the 5.4. However now that I now the tuning of JVDH sail its will take me a couple of months on the gym at least:-) to sail it because the pull in the sail is unbeliveble.. Big thanks to JVDH for the rigg and to Prince for lending your old SP44, that made my day..