Results of the day
1Jim Crossley45.7
2Antony Todd45.38
3Ian Richards44.34
4Matthew York43.18
5Andy Holland41.97
6Michael George41.9
7Tristan Haskins40.06
8Zara Davis38.71
9Geoff Parker37.7
10Tony Burgess37.51
11Tony Robinson33.85
12Duncan Adam33.23
13Bill Robinson32.62

Classic West Kirby...I've sail these conditions many times before but today smashed my PB Max and got PB average.  Things got a extreamly dangerous when the wind was super broard  and I pushed myself a couple of times and got some great runs but after seeing Mike end up on his way to hospital I sat it out till things calmed down.  Good to British speed sailors pushing each other and getting the numbers to show for it.  Well done to Ant who in 1 year has gone from begining speed sailing to +49max....dedication! 

what a day , arrived early at west kirby , it was proper windy ,some of the guys where all ready out and spanking it , ant todd for sure was flying 49 max ,awesome dude .

so after alot of talking and avoiding going out , i rigged a 5m and my IS w44 ,slung in a black projects xls 18 and got my arse out on the water 

first run down the wall , a respectable 43 max 42 10s , second run felt smooth and my gps was beeping :) bang 46.92 ,yes :) 45 10s oh yes:)

then slowing down , now that was an issue ,rolling chop and small fins dont mix well ,slowed down a bit before smack .... totally fine ,but the 5m took a beating ,somehow ripped the top of the sail :(

anyway rigged 5.6 and carryed on . good day great to catch up with the norfolk posse ,tris,andy,tony

till the next time :)

Today looked good for PBs and WK certainly delivered the goods. I did 7 runs before smashing one of my least favorite PBs... biggest crash!

My peaks were pretty consistent with three 45's and four 44's and once I'd seen a few 10s runs over 42 knots, I thought I was on for a 42 knot average.

My seventh run (final run) was a huge stack, catapulting whilst hooked in at just over 45 knots. I ended up in casualty for half a dozen stiches above my right eye.

Still a PB for 100m (44.85 knots) and 5x10s (41.90 knots) although I'd have liked a little faster given the condtions.

Shame my session ended so soon as I was starting to get fast and comfortable. Apart from learning a few things on the technique front, I also learnt not to crash at 45 knots!

Wow what a day at west kirby! Massive pb's... 49.76 max peak 46.40 10sec. I can't believe I was getting those kind of speeds in the choppy conditions today, the hardest part was trying to stop! The JP 45 & 5.0 felt awesome today after some midweek pre session tuning. Nice little battle with ian and Jim after getting the first 49 peak of the day, only for them to both also get 49 peaks soon and then Pushing each other for higher average speeds for the rest of the day! Well done Jim..

Back at West Kirby after a long break. Didn't get there till 12.00 ish and thought I had wasted a long drive, as it was too broad and my new team mate Mike George had already spanked it and was in hospital being rebiult! then to make matters worse the sea breached the wall!!!

But then the angle improved to about 145 degrees and the sea level dropped. I managed to just get, 5  short runs in before it got dark. Shame I missed the early morning as my conditions were not as good as the guys were getting earlier ( Congrats to Ant, Jim and the others for makeing the most of the daybreak session with peaks of over 49 knots) Would have loved to have had time to do some tuning and some more runs but that is Speedsailing at the Kirb!!!!

Great to sail with Farrell Oshea again who has taught me so much about speedsailing and to catch up with old friends.

Frustrating day, had kit issues when it was fastest, then when I got it together it had gone too broad and the chop too dangerous, still a good West Kirby day but a lot of sitting in vans was done waiting waiting..   Well done Ant on your 45av and 49 peak and Jim with a smoking peak at last. good turnout.

Well I didn't risk it with the big boys in the morning, one practice run made me think it was too dangerous for me. 

Afternoon session worked out OK but could probably have done with the 5.2m by then.

Arrived at 7:30am and finally got on the water at 2:30pm. Things weren't going too well until I switched to W44 and speeds picked up 2-3 knots.

Well done to all the PB's, Mike George, Ant T, Jim C and especially Matt York ! Brilliant session

Respect to local Norfolk boy Geoff Parker who will be posting 37 avg's - his FIRST session on a speed board !!

Thanks Andy Holland for prompting the board swap !

Hello Zara, this is Juan Herrero from Fuerteventura. Nice to know about you, and congratulation for your results in West Kirby. We met in Matas Blancas (Fuerteventura) last summer in Dunkerbeck Challenge. It was my first time in a speed competition and I didn't know anything about speed world. I spent the whole week beliving that the matter was to reach the maximum instant speed and not the average between the bouyes. Oh, what a silly man!!. Dylan de Jong lend me the GPS, I hadn't a proper speed board and I didn't know anything about this page either. Last october, George ( english fríend who is living here, maybe you remember) and me decided to become members and bought a GT-31. We usually sail in Corralejo, in the north os Fuerteventura, which is not a speed spot at all, it is open sea, but we take the GT-31 and we are training slalom and speed when conditions let us doing it. Maybe we see you next summer in Fuerte again . Say hello to your husband, he was very kind and diplomatic with me making calm in a funny problem about "one spanish judge and some chairs flying in the air". Without him the thing could have been even worse (Sorry again, by the way). We will be very pleased to see you both here next summer.

first time

Thank you to Andy & Tristian First tme At This Spot long wait for the for 'Angle' Nice to record a time.

an interesting day, 3 things learnt.

1. check to make sure the outhaul is set correctly, not 2" out!!

2,  more practice time on water.

3. more mastfoot pressure.

well done to everyone new and experienced you all sailed better than mewith some awsome speeds recorded.

tomorrow will be better for me (see report)