Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel36.1
2Stefan Brouwers33.79
3Pieter Stigter32.68
4Daan Cools32.68
5Arnout den Boer31.75
6Robert Jan Bouws30.62
7Rich Hellenbrand26.43
8Paul Van De Perre25.96
9Har Vermeulen20.56
Good old Kabbelaarsbank session with the usual suspects started out sailing to Den Osse but the wind was to low only had 2 nice gusts made run 4/5 with 7,8 and 40z sf so sailed back and immediatly the wind picked up so got the chance to stretch my new 6,4 and have some nice airtime and made run 2/3 after that the wind got a bit more stable and a bit flatter water got back on the water with 7,8 and my high wind 39 ss and made my fastest run. Was nice seeing Daan flying next to me gave me some extra drive after that had to stop was a bit dehydrated

Eindelijk een lekkere zuidwester, lekker gevaren !

Super gevaren met mijn nieuwe Angulo Magnum 95 ltr.


Little bit late due to the night before ;-) was a nice session. Later on the wind picked up and changed to the 7.0, but this was also too big. So stopped and went home for the footy match which gave me some hart attacks

Effe op het water , zeil werd snel te groot , omstandigheden te gevaarlijk , wel gezellig met Rich en Paul ,

greetz Har