Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout44.53
2Ian Richards42.43
3Antony Todd40.93
4Christian Bornemann40.53
5Bjoern Haacke39.29
6Bjoern Haacke39.29
7John Kennedy38.42
8Wolfgang Lewang37.66

Another awesome La franqui session, more out today so I'm going to be at the tail end but I'm chuffed with my results and will keep pushing.

I spent the first hour getting the 5.5 dialled in, its the first time I've used it for more than a short sail so getting used to such a small sail took some getting used to, initial settings proved too much DH and not enough OH, once that was sorted my initial speeds on the 78 were the smae as yesterdays top and they started to improve, its also the first time on the 78 and thank god it sails like the 95 so very very similar.

I started hitting 39knts and was a bit stuck before making some adjustmensts to the base position which gained me a bit more but really I should have changed down to the Speed 63.

There were 7 or 8 out and a couple of bathers to add to the interest, Jacques was killing it looking so smooth and I expect to see some good speeds from Ian and Ant as well.

I did have a big 36/37 knot stack when I hit a sandbar and have a bit of sail damage that is now taped up hopefully for a slightly squarer course tomorrow as it was quite deep today so the water was choppy and the back upwind was hard work so I saved my energy and walked most of the time :(

Revenge of 2 weeks ago when i had an injury with my shoulder. Recoverd quicker than expectedsmiley

Next weeks to busy with meetings etc so this was my last chance to go to La Franqui for a while. Luckely the tramontana blows in this weekend. Was a last minute decision to go so packed my stuff in 15 minutes and forgot a some critical items, my FX100 RDM 400 mast and my Z-fins Asy 21. Display 50 knots, 2 seconds was "only" a high 48. My 5x 10 seconds average is not outstanding, more was possible for sure but waisted many runs to go for nautical mile and to sail back to starting point every time cost a lot of time and energy. Average over 5 nautical miles 41 knots, really want to sail a 43 knots nm or a 80km/h plus, but then everything must be perfect, so i keep on trying. 

Nice weekend trip to La Franqui with Wolfgang and Bjorn.

Beautiful sunshine and good wind...

Missing the "Monster of Möhnesee" ;-)))

First day at LF of our cycling holiday, great to catch up with everyone again. Tomorrow is shorts and rash vest was too hot yrsterday in my winter suit.

PB 500m today on a tight course and spot pbb 10sec and average..... great day

Really enjoyed my holiday at la franqui, i have had some great speed & slalom sessions.  it was nice to improve my pb's slightly with max speed 43.86kn & 40.93kn average & 24.37 Alpha on this trip. i am getting pretty consistant with those sort of speeds now which means i must be heading in the right direction and learning more with every session ! 

i thought i might have had a 41average though this time but  just missed out on that again! 

i got the 5.4 evo 5  feeling awesome with a bit more outhaul towards the end of the session but i was not  really improving my speeds and the wind was getting too gusty and choppy..



first time in la franqui with bjorn and christian. we had two nice day´s and a lot of wind.met some old friends there........principe.....  : ); looking forward to the next sessions there, to be faster

Have had a little trip with Christian and Wolfgang.First time for me to be here .No risk no fun.Have had 4 very hard crashes over 35 knots on the water with flying sand.Hurt some bones( collarbone) and have some blue green marks on my skin.The best thing is my new PB.Next aim here is 40 knots.